The Add component returns the required date based on Type (DateAndType) and Value.

User will be able to manipulate the Date and time based on custom values entered in the component during execution.



The Add component exposes the Control In, Control Out, Data In, and Data Out ports by default.

Port Description
Control In Must be connected to the Control Out port of one or more components.
Control Out Must be connected to the Control In port of any other component.
Data Out Returns the required data based on Type and value.


To edit the properties of the Add component, in the Properties window, change the required property. You can edit the following properties.

Property Description
Search Search for the respective property.
Delay After Execution Specifies the wait time (in seconds) after the action is executed.
Delay Before Execution Specifies the wait time (in seconds) before the action is executed.


Let us consider an example.


To retrieve the Date and Time after add component:

  1. In the Toolbox, expand Utilities and then expand DateTime.
  2. Drag the Add component and drop it on the Design surface.
  3. Enter a date manually by double clicking on the SourceDate field.
  4. User can also enter data in the SourceDate field by clicking on the Port Override Option.
  5. Double-click on the type box and select the DateAndType from static value dropdown.
  6. Double-click on Value box and enter the required value (double).

    In this Example the Date Entered is 04/24/2018 and the desired output is 04/25/2018 as we have selected the increment to happen for “Day” and “1” which means by 1 day.


    To learn more about Override the data source of the data port, refer the Override section.

    To enable display of the returned value, you can add a MessageBox component to the activity.

  7. To add the MessageBox component:

    • In the Toolbox, expand General.
    • Expand the MessageBox component, drag the Show component and drop it on the Design surface.
  8. Connect the control ports and data ports in the activity.
  9. In the toolbar, click Run.
    The Messagebox displays the Add date and time.