Transform Data

Intellibots Data Transformation feature allows users to convert any data or information existing within a port from one format to another to ensure data adoption to various outputs are achieved seamlessly.

The Transform Data can be used to modify any data which comes from Data-In port or any Data-Out port.

Right click on Data-In or Data-Out Ports of any Component to view the Transform Data option.


Support Functions

  1. Click on the Transform Data to populate the Data Transformation Editor.


  2. User should click on Enabled Checkbox and select his/her preferred coding language to write the code for data transformation.

  3. User can select from the following language to write a script (Vb.Net, C# and JavaScript).

  4. Once the script is written and validated user should click on OK Button.

  5. User can identify the existence of data transformations in an automation flow by checking for a green color data port (Shown in the example below)


By default, the Today component displays a different format for date and Time. This example shows how to use Transform data to change the date format.


  1. In the toolbox, expand the Utilities Category then we can see DateTime Component.

  2. Drag the Today Component from DateTime and drop on design surface.

  3. Right-Click on Data-out port of Today Component and Select Transform data.

  4. Then Data Transformation Editor Window will open.

  5. Check the enabled checkbox and select the Script language.

  6. Write the Script to change the Date Format.


  7. Click on OK.

  8. Expand the General Category then we can see Message Box.

  9. Drag the Show Component from Message Box and drop on design surface.

  10. Connect the Control Ports and Data Ports.

  11. In the toolbar, Click Run.




Without using Transform Data we can get the output as below.