Error Handler

Intellibots Error handling refers to the response and recovery procedures from error conditions present in an automation flow. In other words, it is the process comprised of anticipation, detection and resolution of application errors, programming errors or communication errors. Error handling helps in maintaining the normal flow of the executing automations.

  1. Intellibots Error Handling process is comprised of anticipation, detection and resolution of the component level errors, activity level error or project level error.

  2. User will be able to define error handling at a component or activity level.

  3. Right-Click on any Component Title-bar or any activity name in the project explorer to access the Error Handler.

  4. Click on Error Handler option to populate the Error Handler window.




  5. Click on Dropdown list of On Error then we can see the list of Error Handler.


  6. Type of Error Handler:

Users can handle the error in three levels i.e. Component Level, Activity Level and Project Level.

  • Inherit: This is a default option for the error/exception handler. This option will Inherit settings defined at the parent (activity) level for error/exception handling.

  • Stop: User can select ‘Stop’ to Stop the execution is any error occurs.

  • Continue: User can select ‘Continue’ to ignore a certain error and continue the automation at any error point.

  • Retry: User can select ‘Retry’ to populate 2 additional options: Max Retries and Retry Delay.User can define the number of retries and delay between each retry while defining this error handler option. The automation will stop with an error if the Maximum retires count is exhausted during execution.


  • GoToFlag: User can select ‘GoToFlag’ then at the time of execution if error is occurred then it will continue the process by using flag.


Here, we can see the example using GoTo Flag Error Handler.


  1. In the toolbox, Expand the Utilities Category then we can the Data Reader Component.

  2. Drag the ReadFromExcel from Data Reader Component and drop on Design Surface.

  3. Double click on the Filepath of ReadFromExcel and give the Filepath (mention a wrong path to generate an error).

  4. Double click on the SheetName of the ReadFromExcel and give the SheetName.

  5. Expand the Data Writer Component and drag the WriteToExcel.

  6. Double click on the Filepath of WriteToExcel and give the Filepath.

  7. Double click on the SheetName of the WriteToExcel and give the SheetName.

  8. Expand the General Category and Drag Flag component and drop on design surface.

  9. Expand the Message component, Drag Show component and drop it on design surface.

  10. Double click on Flag Name and gives the name. (ex: Data).

  11. Right-click on ReadFromExcel Component & click on Error handler.

  12. Then Error Handler window will open.

  13. Select the ‘GoToFlag’ option from dropdown.


  14. Select the Flag name which we specified in flag component.


  15. Click on Ok.

  16. Expand the Message component, Drag Show component and drop it on design surface.

  17. Connect the Control Ports and Data ports.

  18. In the toolbar, Click Run.