Create Proxy

  1. Intellibot Create Proxy feature allows users to extract additional Properties within a component.

  2. Intellibot create proxy is used to add or modify some functionality of an already existing class.

  3. Right click on Data-In or Data-Out Ports of any Component to view the Create Proxy option.


  4. Click on the Create Proxy option to populate the proxy component.


  5. Double-click on Title bar of proxy component to populate the CHOOSE PROPERTIES window.


  6. Select the applicable checkboxes for the properties to be used. (here we will check the Height & Width checkboxes)



This example shows how to use Create Proxy to extract the Height & Width properties of an image.


  1. In the toolbox, expand the Utilities Category to view the Image Utilities section.

  2. Click on Image Utilities to view the ReadFromFile component.

  3. Drag the ReadFromFile Component from Image Utilities and drop it on design surface.

  4. Double-click on FilePath of ReadFromFile component and give the image path.

  5. Right-Click on Data-out port of ReadFromFile Component and Select Create Proxy to create a new Proxy component.


  6. Double-click on Title bar of proxy component then CHOOSE PROPERTIES window will open.


  7. Here we check the checkboxes of Height & Width.


  8. Click on OK.

  9. Expand the General Category, Drag the Format Text Component and drop on design surface.

  10. Click on + of Format Text component and add the parameters.

  11. Double-Click on Title bar of Format Text component and give the format.


  12. Click on Ok.

  13. Expand the Message Box, Drag the Show component and drop it on design surface.

  14. Connect the Control Ports and Data Ports.

  15. In the toolbar, Click Run.