Tone Analyzer

The Tone Analyzer component enables the user to input text-based comments or complaints allowing the tone analyzer component to understand and display emotions like Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy and Sadness of the user.


Support Functions

  1. Double click on Tone Analyzer Component to access the window as shown:


  2. In this window user must give the Key and Secret of the Tone Analyzer platform that is being used and click the Check boxes of Emotion, Language style and Social Tendencies which they want to analyse.

  3. When the user clicks on the check boxes then the data output ports would display dynamically.



The Tone Analyzer Component exposes the Control In, Control Out, Data In and Data Out ports by default.

Port Description
Control In Must be connected to the Control Out port of one or more components.
Control Out Must be connected to the Control In port of any other component.
Data Out Data out ports on Tone analyzer component are dynamic.
Data In Specifies the text to be entered in application (String).


To edit the properties of the Tone analyzer in the properties window, change the required property. The user can edit the following properties.

Property Description
Search Search for the respective property.
Delay After Execution Specifies the wait time (in seconds) after the action is performed.
Delay Before Execution Specifies the wait time (in seconds) before the action is performed.


Let us consider an example-


To Capture:

  1. In the toolbox, the user has to expand the Utilities category.

  2. The user has to expand the File Component, drag the ReadText component and drop on the Design Surface.

  3. Double click on Filepath and give the path from which file the user wants to read the text.

  4. Expand the General category, Drag the variable and Drop on the design surface.

  5. Double click on Tone analyzer component to view the Tone Analysis Options window.


  6. In this window the user has to give the Key and Secret of the Tone Analyzer platform that is being used and click the check boxes to select the type of emotion, Language style and Social tendencies that the user wants to analyse, (for this example anger, fear and sadness checkbox are selected).


  7. Click on Ok.

  8. Drag the Format Text from General category and drop on Design surface.

  9. Click on add ‘+’ icon of format text which adds the data in port dynamically, (in this example, 4 new parameters are added).

  10. Double click on format text then Text Format Editor Window will open.

  11. On that window the userhas to write the format as required.


  12. Click on Ok.

  13. Double click on the port {3} then Port Properties Window will open.

    • In than window select the variable radio button and click on select button.

    • After clicking on select the user has to choose the variable to store the text and click ok.

  14. Drag the Message box and drop on the Design Surface.

  15. Connect the control ports and data ports in the activity.

  16. In the toolbar, click Run.


The Show component will display the percentage of the parameters, which was added in the example (anger, fear, sadness).