High Level Architecture


Every Intellibot RPA Platform deployment consists of four high level components:

  • Intellibot Studio
  • Intellibot Application Server
  • Database Server

  • Intellibot Runtime

Design Studio

Intellibot Design Studio (Windows native 64bit application) is used by RPA developers to design or configure automation workflows.

Application Server

Intellibot Application Server performs a central role in a deployment and consists of the following modules:

  • Licensing Service (Core)
  • Orchestration and Controller Service
  • Reporting Service
  • IIS Web Server

Our platform supports segregation of the modules for scalability. All modules of the Intellibot Application server are compatible with existing virtualization technologies available in the market today, such as VMWare Hypervisor and Microsoft Hyper-V. Additionally, Intellibot Application Server supports logical partitioning to support Development, Testing and Production environments from the same infrastructure.

Database Server

Intellibot Database Server needs a high availability Microsoft SQL Server instance to store application configuration, logs and business metrics.


Intellibot Runtime (robot) is deployed on end user workstations or Virtual Desktops Infrastructure (VDI) as per the available environment. Runtime consists of a Microsoft Windows Service and Desktop Application which work in tandem to execute automation workflow and communicate with the Intellibot Application Server.