Installation of Intellibot Studio

Register For a Free Account

All users must register for a free account to be able to obtain the community license for the Intellibot Design Studio.

To register an account:

  1. Open a Web browser.
  2. In the Address bar, enter the following URL.

    The Register page is displayed.


  3. Under Register an Account, enter all the required details.

  4. Click Register.
    A confirmation message is displayed and a verification email is sent to the email address provided during registration.
  5. Access your email account and click on the Account Confirmation Link in the verification email. A confirmation message is displayed.
  6. On the confirmation message, click Proceed to Log in.

    The Login page is displayed.


  7. Enter the credentials provided during registration.

  8. Click Login.On successful authentication, the Intellibot home page is displayed.

Download the Installer

After successfully completing the registration process , you must download the installer before installing the application.

To download the installer:

  1. Open a Web browser.
  2. In the Address bar, enter the following URL: Home page is displayed.
  3. Click Login.The Login page is displayed.
  4. Enter the credentials provided during registration.
  5. Click Login.
  6. The Home page is displayed.
  7. Click Download button. A file named INTELLIBOT STUDIO.ZIP is downloaded to the default location.

Installing the Application

After registering for a free account and downloading the installer, a user must install the application.

To install the application:

  1. Extract the contents of the zip file to the required location.
  2. From the extracted contents, double-click the INTELLIBOT STUDIO.msi file. The Welcome screen of the wizard is displayed.


  3. Click Next.

    The Select Installation Folder screen is displayed.


  4. To accept the installation at the default location, click Next.

    The Confirm Installation screen is displayed.


  5. Click Next.

    The wizard installs the application and the Installation Complete screen is displayed.


  6. Click Close to complete the installation.