1. User permissions can be managed by using the Roles tab. Users view, Create User, Delete User are few examples of what can be achieved.

    • For e.g.: - To create a user and assign roles, refer the following steps.


  2. Click on Add New Role to populate the NEW ROLE window.

  3. Mention the user name in the Name field.
  4. Click the Check boxes that needs to be assigned to the new role and click on Add.


    • User’s role can be edited by clicking on the Edit icon Screenshot under the ACTIONS tab and click on Save.
    • User’s role can be deleted by clicking on the Delete icon Screenshot under the ACTIONS tab.
    • User’s role details can be viewed by clicking on the Details icon Screenshot under the ACTIONS tab.



    • If User has a role with only view permission for Department section then User can not access the ‘Department’ section.
    • For Department section, Edit permission role needs to be assigned.