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Create your first robot

To execute the process, user must activate a package, assign a robot and schedule the assigned robot.

Execution of RPA Process

  1. To Achieve the RPA Connection user must install INTELLIBOT RPA ROBOT .msi file on the desired system.
  2. User can see the INTELLIBOT RPA ROBOT icon post installation.


  3. Double Click on the icon to view the INTELLIBOT RPA ROBOT icon.

  4. Right Click on the Icon to populate four options mentioned below.
    • Settings
    • Run Maunally
    • View Logs
    • Exit


  1. Click on Settings to open the ORCHESTRATOR SETTINGS window.


  2. Provide your Orchestrator URL: Example: and input the robot key for the robot to be executed for the task.

  3. Copy the Robot key from the ROBOTS page in the Orchestrator.
  4. Click on CONNECT button and users can view the INTELLIBOT ROBOT CONNECTED notification on their window.
  5. Users can use the DISCONNECT option to disconnect from the robot.

Run Maunally

  1. Users can click on the Run Manually to launch the Robot Launch window.


  2. User must choose the environment from ENVIRONMENT drop down list.

  3. Click on the Screenshot icon and add the package to be executed.
  4. Click on RUN button to execute the package manually.

    • View Logs

      When we click on View Logs then we can see the Logs file of the selected process.

    • Exit

      User can click on Exit to remove the INTELLIBOT RPA ROBOT icon from System-tray.

Execution of DPA Process

  1. Install

    • To Achieve the DPA Connection user must install INTELLIBOT DPA ROBOT .msi file on the desired system.
  2. Launch

    • After Installation user can see the INTELLIBOT DPA ROBOT icon on desktop.


    • Double click on the icon and then AUTOMATIONS window will open.

  3. Connect

    • Click on the Settings option to populate the ORCHESTRATOR SETTINGS window.


    • Once the user inputs their Orchestrator URL : Example:

    • Click on CONNECT button to proceed.
    • User can click on DISCONNECT button to disconnect the current operation.
  4. Run

    • Select the desired package and click on Start button from the context menu to trigger the automation.


  5. Refresh

    • Click on Refresh to view all available packages and select the desired package.
  6. Close

    • User can click on Close(x) to close the AUTOMATIONS window.