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Automation Job Management

Selecting an Automation Package

  1. The Packages tab against the process displays all existing projects uploaded by the RPA developers.
  2. User need to click on the packages drop down to select a specific package.



  3. Users can be able to view various versions of the selected package and be able to activate or deactivate the latest package of their choice.

Assigning a Robot

  1. Using the Robots tab under selected Process, user will be able to Assign the robot and view existing robots, Robot User Name and Machine Name.

  2. Once a robot is assigned to a project, User will be able to:

    • Add Credentials: Credentials can be assigned to the Robot by clicking on the Add Credentials icon under the ACTIONS tab.

    • Edit Robot: Users will be able to edit the assigned robot’s details by clicking on the Edit Robot icon under the ACTIONS tab.

    • Change Robot: Users will be able to change the robot by clicking on the Change Robot icon under the ACTIONS tab.

    • Delete Robot: Users will be able to delete the assigned robot by clicking on the Delete Robot icon under the ACTIONS tab.


Creating a Schedule

  1. Schedules enable users to execute jobs in a planned manner, at regular intervals.

  2. User can manually configure the Schedule or can trigger the robot via an API call.


  3. On the Schedule tab, under Settings click on the Enabled toggle button to set as Yes to activate package and execute the selected package according to the set schedule.

Setting Priority

  1. Priority field allows the assigned robot to execute the process as per the defined priority.

  2. Priority will come into the picture, when same robot assigned to the at least two or more than two robots.

  3. Selecting 0 defines the highest priority.

  4. User can select Force start toggle button with Yes mode, to instruct the robot to stop running the previous process and execute the current process.

  5. User can select Ensure unlock toggle button with Yes mode, to ensure Robot systems do not auto lock during execution.

Business Application Credentials Management

  1. User can manage application credentials through Intellibot Orchestrator.

  2. Credentials is being used in the automation project to login in underlying application by the assigned robot.

  3. Intellibot uses AES 256 algorithm to encrypt all assigned credentials.

  4. To add an Application Credential user should click on the desired Process under Global process.


  5. Click on Robots tab to access the assigned robots.


  6. Click on the Screenshot icon to add the Application Credentials.



  7. Mention the Application Name, Username and Password.

  8. Click Assign to save and assign the credentials to the robot.

  9. Users can edit or delete assigned credential by clicking on the Screenshot icon or the Screenshot icon.


Queue Management

  1. Queue section lists work items that are currently configured to be processed by the robot.

  2. Users can create a new queue by clicking on Create Queue.

  3. To create a new queue, fill the Name(*) and Description(Optional) fields on NEW QUEUE pop up.



  4. User can access the defined queues by accessing theSetQueue method within Intellibot Orchestrator Connector in Intellibot Design Studio and configuring the Queue ID.

  5. Specific Queue ID’s for the assigned work queue can be copied by clicking on the Copy icon under ACTIONS tab.

  6. Users can edit the queue name and description by clicking on the Edit icon under the ACTIONS tab.

  7. Users can delete a specific work queue by clicking on the Delete icon under ACTIONS tab.

Process Asset Management

  1. Assets section is used to store variables used across the projects (Eg-Files, Robot Credentials etc.)

  2. Click on Create Asset, to open below window.

  3. Type the all information and click on the Submit.


Difference between Robot Asset and Robot Credential:

  1. The asset’s value is exposed as a String, Boolean or Int variable, while Robot Credential is a string representing the username, and an encrypted string representing the password.

  2. Users can access decrypted credentials by using the GetApplicationCredential & GetAssetValue methods within Intellibot Orchestrator Connector in Intellibot Design Studio.

Job specific Access Control


  1. Access Control gives permission to the user to access the process of the selected entity, if the user doesn’t have permission inside the assigned role.

  2. Click on Add User to add user(s), added user can be Local or Active Directory.

  3. Click on Add Group to add group(s) added group can be Local or Active Directory.