CMP or Cognitive Modelling Platform transforms unstructured data to structured and meaningful content and eventually, into actionable intelligence. CMP is a three stage process, train, classify and extract.

The Classification process belongs to the category of supervised learning where the targets also provided with the input data. There are many applications in classification in many domains such as in credit approval, medical diagnosis, target marketing etc.

Intellibot’s CMP modelling platform enables you to create a model, classify documents, and extract data in a structured way. The CMP platform supports various inputs such as text files, image files like JPG, TIFF, PNG, word files and even PDF files.


This platform coupled with Intellibot's RPA suite is a powerful and robust way to automate your existing business processes. A few use cases where CMP can be applied are enlisted below:

  1. Invoice Processing
  2. Insurance Parsing
  3. Resume Parsing
  4. IT Operations
  5. Email Parsing
  6. Travel Desk

For more detailed information about Intellibot’s CMP, read through the subsequent topics.