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Start easy and learn with Intellibot

Welcome to Intellibot’s product documentation portal, your one-stop destination to learn more about the vast collection of Intellibot’s products. This portal will help you master the fundamentals of working with Intellibot’s Studio, Orchestrator and AI capabilities and to attain the skills required to embark on your automation journey with us.

Intellibot is putting forward its Digital Workforce by providing meaningful collaborations between Robotic Process Automation and an array of its AI capabilities. Our Digital Workforce partners alongside your Human Workforce to result in increased productivity and delivers higher operational efficiencies.

Check out the documentation for more details.


Design and Create your Business Process Automations.

Intellibot Studio boasts a wide assortment of pre-designed components while guaranteeing ease-of-use, scalability and efficiency.

Intellibot Studio empowers you to design automations while maintaining a code-free environment. You can aim for a quicker troubleshooting experience with our visual debugger. This provides highlights on the precise error reasons and displays simple error notifications.


Govern, Manage and Supervise your Digital Workforce.

Managing Multiple Bots that execute countless processes at work can be a Nightmare. With our Intellibot Orchestrator working as your Digital Workforce Manager, Governing, Managing and Supervising your Bot’s have become simpler and centralised.

Intellibot Orchestrator’s Multitenancy capability allows you to create logical partitions to allow effective management of robots for different customer, internal or external, from a single instance. Each logical instance has its own ACL (Access Control List), Robots, Licences, Logs, Etc.


Explore the Authority of AI in Collaboration with Robotic Process Automation.

Building and deploying AI models built on Intellibot AI platform for your business is easy like never before. Our solutions are simple to use and built for non-Machine Learning Engineers. Additionally our products can be easily integrated with your business processes using Intellibot RPA/RDA robots. Intellibot’s AI platform currently supports Text Analytics and we are coming soon with the support for Image and Voice Analytics.